For My Watching Brothers and Sisters

This is For You, My Fellow Watchmen!

I have truly been blessed by the watching community this last year.  I can hardly wait to meet all of you in person!  I treasure all the brothers and sisters I have had the pleasure of watching alongside as we wrestle with feelings of excitement, discouragement, insight, defeat, and above all – hope and faith in our coming Redeemer.

The disappointment that we were still here in October was palpable.  With that said, I don’t believe we were wrong.  We weren’t wrong to watch, we weren’t wrong to hope, and we weren’t wrong about the Revelation 12 Sign.  I continue to stand behind the September 23, 2017 sign in the sun, moon, and stars as fulfilling Revelation 12:1-2.  The sign occurred.  We had watchmen literally zooming in on the skies with giant telescopes (Jaco Prinsloo), and boots on the ground in Jerusalem (David N Judea).

The Revelation 12:1-2 sign was visible on September 23, 2017 in Jerusalem.  Do you know how awesome that is????

Yeah, we hoped the rapture would occur at that time.  But as Greg stated (alittlestrength), it really was meant to be an Exit Sign.  Look at it retrospectively – if we hadn’t hoped it was the rapture as well, would we have sounded the alarm?  We shouted it so loud it was covered in secular media around the world!!!  Yeah, they didn’t get it right, and they scoffed and mocked – but that’s how all the prophets of the Old Testament were treated as well.  What’s important is that we sound the cry.

Remember in the parable of the 10 Virgins, at midnight a cry rings out that the Bridegroom is Coming.  Who sounds the alarm?  THE WATCHMAN.  Is the Bridegroom here?  No, He is COMING.

Our Redeemer is coming for us.  He will call us to “Come Up Here”, and so we will be with the Lord forever.  A little while down here feels like an eternity, and eternity will feel like a little while 😉

You Know You’re a Watchman (Watchwoman) When:

  • All your future planning begins with the caveat “If Jesus hasn’t picked us up yet…”
  • You buy just enough stuff to “last until Jesus comes”
  • With that said, you keep your pantry well stocked in case someone can use it when you are gone
  • Along with the well-stocked food, you keep a Bible in your pantry
  • You put off acquiring new pets…
  • Someone asks you if you’ve heard the local or national news and you stare at them blankly – all your newsfeeds come from Israel
  • You track earthquake and volcanic activity worldwide
  • You get excited by earthquake swarms
  • Something only a watchman can understand – you watch prophetic wars lining up and feel very excited; then you feel guilty for feeling excited about war; but it’s not the war itself that excites you, it’s what it indicates; oh, never mind, you get it 😉
  • You know the Shofar blasts and are anticipating hearing one come from the heavens… soon… (
  • Bonus points: You’ve taught your children about the Shofar blasts
  • Double Bonus points: You’ve gone through a high watch routine with your kids, which looks something like this – “Ok, so we’re going to hear a trumpet sound or lots of rumbling.  There might be some earth shaking but that just means it’s time.  Look up, and keep looking straight up at Jesus!  I will find you up there!”
  • As per the above, your heart skips a beat and you look heavenward if you hear any booms or trumpety sounds
  • You think Scottie Clarke’s newest video is one of the funniest things you’ve seen in 2018 (The Heavenly Battle in One Minute –
  • Steve Cioccolanti’s “You Can’t Handle the Truth” wins your funniest YouTube in 2017 (
  • You can use the term “high watch” in casual conversation
  • You have a “high watch” routine
  • You can relate to this:

High Watch Checklist:

Clean bathrooms and fill tubs with water for the Left Behind

Pantry and emergency kit stocked for the Left Behind

Give copy of house key to unsaved friend or neighbor and let them know if you disappear, to help themselves

Stock up on pet food and leave toilet lids open (see step #1 clean bathrooms)

Confirm pet care plan with unsaved friend or neighbor

Left behind kit assembled and located in prominent location with tracts, Bibles

Posts or emails composed and set to send in a day if you don’t cancel them

Left Behind letter composed for loved ones

He is near, at the very gates.  Continue to sound the alarm!

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign – The Convergence is Now

The Rapture of the Church – Our Blessed Hope


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