5 thoughts on “Revelation 12 – Rapture and Tribulation (Time of Jacob’s Trouble) Overview

  1. The only thing that I have to add to this wonderful post is that I think that the Holy spirit will still be on earth in some way. He is God and omnipresent. So just like in the old testament he still was on earth and working in some capacity.


    • Hi! Personally I think the impetus, and even more than that, the permission to finally build the Temple will come after the rapture of the church and/or the Ezekiel 38-39 war. I see the 2 events as likely occurring at the same time.


  2. Interesting extrapolation which resonates in part. The problem I have is looking at this in a linear model confined by our frame of references.
    If a linear model, than the movement in four dimensions is not considered, meaning the compound nature of God’s word is not considered which simply we all have in our studies, seen the very words expand or jump off the page, much like the very movement of a TESSERACT. It is hard to grasp I know, seeing in four dimensions and I still have problems with it and continualy WAIT on the Spirit to teach me what it is our Lord has allowed me to understand.
    But thank you for sharing this knowledge, I shall couple this with teachings by Les Feldick’s past instructions as I search God’s word as well.


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